Celebrating the 10th anniversary! (gold banner): Qloader Re-Loaded

A better loading system for scenario paintball players


Win more with a loading system built exclusivlly with woodsball players.


Qloader has been expertlly crafted for a woodsball/scenario player. The low-profile loadig system virtually eliminates hopper hits to keep you in the game longer. The Qloader is 36% faster than a Halo B and 58% faster than an Evo II. A faster loading system gives you a competitive edge, for that reason our team has invested half a decade into perfecting the speed of the Qloader. No more chopped paint. Our “helical” drive loading system works with springs, not gravity. The sprial Qpod feeds paint into your marker with precision and accuracy, solving your chopped paint problems. Lastly, but equally as important is the milsim design of this evolutinary product. Qloader’s low-profile assembly will keep you looking good while you outperform your competitors time after time.



No Hopper hits, No Chopped paint! The thing that sets Qloader apart from the rest is the lack of an ugly bulky hopper on top of my marker. The sleek Qpod feeds paint faster than any other hopper I’ve had. I’ve had this system for months and haven’t had a single chopped ball. author: Jason P.  qloader reviews


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